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ORCON F has exceptionally high adhesion properties while also being elastic.ORCON F

Its outstanding adhesion to building materials gives the joint the necessary safety and longevity.

It is suitable for bonding all of the pro clima vapour checks and air-proofing membranes, PE/PA/PP and aluminium foils to other building materials regardless of smooth, rough or smooth stony surface.

Unstable or crumbling surfaces either need to be removed or sanded and stabilised using Tescon Primer RP.


  • High strength on building material substrates.
  • Airtight bonding in accordance with DIN 4108-7, SIA 180 and ÖNorm B8110-2.
  • Airtight outdoor joints, e.g. vapour check for external roof insulation or sub-and-top refurbishment vapour check for re-roofing.
  • Wind-proof bonding of roof underlay and facade membranes.
  • Greater resistance to high humidity on site.


ORCON LINE is an airtight joint adhesive on a roll for joining all kinds of  vapour retarders orcon lineand vapour barriers, e.g., pro clima INTELLO PLUS, PE-, PA-, PP-, and aluminum foils to mineral or rough adjacent building elements, such as masonry, plaster, concrete, rough timber, etc.

Solvent-free, permanent, frostproof airtight adhesive. After firmly pressing on the sheet an airtight joint is created which can bear loads straight away.


  • Quick, clean and safe application direct from the roll.
  • No drying time, extreme immediate adhesion, joint is airtight immediately.
  • Simple tear off release paper, prevents adhesion with the surface on the side, protects adhesive from contamination.
  • Extendible – if a piece of adhesive bead is missing from the end of the adhesive, pull slightly on the material.
  • Waterproof SOLID adhesive without softeners, solvents, emulsifiers and conservation agents.


TESCON Primer RP is a priming coat suitable on wood, wood fibreboards, block structure,Primer roof structure, walls and concrete floors.

Tescon Primer RP is recommended for the preparation of the surface for the application of pro clima tapes such as TESCON NO.1, TESCON VANA, and TESCON PROFIL, as well as the adhesive compounds ORCON F/ORCON LINE and ECO COLL.

For a permanent connection the surface should be smooth, dry and stable.

Surfaces should be cleaned from any loose materials, dust or sawdust (broom

clean). Application of Tescon Primer RP is not possible on frozen surfaces.

Surface must be suitable for priming. Concrete, sand and cement or skimmed surfaces must be fully cured and dried before Tescon Primer RP can be applied.


  • Deep penetration into substrate.
  • Strengthens the substrate.
  • Solvent free.
  • Suitable with all pro clima tapes & glues.


EXTOSEAL MAGOV is a highly flexible butyl tape for making airtight connections around service penetrations, joist ends and wall to corrugated deck connections.ectoseal magnof


  • Perfect for sealing penetrations as a result of its particularly strong butyl rubber layer and elastic carrier film with low restoring forces.
  •  Protects from air leakage even when stretched.
  • Protects structural elements from water ingress: watertight and blocks rising damp.
  • Creates a secure bond: butyl rubber penetrates deep into the substrate.
  • Bonds to mineral substrates.


EXTOSEAL ENCORS is a water bearing butyl connection tape with high adhesion strength.

EXTOSEAL ENCORS is the ideal weather tight tape for creating robust flashings for extosealwindow sills and door thresholds and any junctions where there is a likelihood of standing water.


  • Protects structural elements from water ingress: watertight and blocks rising damp.
  • Extremely high adhesion even to slightly damp and cold surfaces due to the modification of the butyl with Acrylate.
  • Very elastic carrier foil and can be flexibly adapted to surfaces and corners.
  • Bonds to mineral substrates.
  • Seals nail holes.


If pipes or cables penetrate the airtightness layer, they too must be securely sealed.

The most suitable means of doing this is with airtightness grommets made from EPDM. This flexible material allows a tight flexible fit, and ROFLEX is available in all common diameters.

ROFLEX grommets should be sealed to membrane with TESCON No. 1/VANA.

Grommet Sizes.grommit

ROFLEX 20 15 – 30 mm

Sizes: – 145 mm x 145 mm

ROFLEX 30 30 – 50 mm

– 140 mm x 140 mm

ROFLEX 50 50 – 90 mm

– 140 mm x 140 mm

ROFLEX 100 100 – 120 mm

– 200 mm x 200 mm

ROFLEX 150 120 – 170 mm

– 250 mm x 250 mm

ROFLEX 200 170 – 220 mm

– 300 x 300 mm

ROFLEX 250 220 – 270 mm

– 450 x 450 mm

ROFLEX 300 270 – 320 mm

– 500 x 500 mm


If pipes or cables penetrate the airtightness layer, they too must be securely sealed.

The most suitable means of doing this is with airtightness grommets made from EPDM. This flexible material allows a tight fit, and KAFLEX allows for a secure feed-through for cables and pipes.

KAFLEX cable grommets feature an integrated adhesive with a release paper for ease of application.cable grommit


  • For an airtight seal around pipes and cables which pass through the Intello Plus or DB+ membrane. They are made of non-ageing elastic EPDM rubber in a high adhesive square.
  • With release paper.
  • Offers high protection against piercing due to its high elasticity.


pro clima INSTAABOX is used for the airtight installation of service boxes, without a service void on the interior of external walls. Instabox

It is designed for making airtight connections on vapour check and airtightness layers indoors, for example; pro clima INTELLO PLUS, DB+ and wood-based panels such as OSB.


  • Installation box for creating space for junction boxes, etc., in buildings without a service void behind the dry lining.
  • Meets the requirements of DIN 4108-7, SIA 180 and Ö Norm.
  • B8110-2 with regard to airtightness for the use of standard service boxes.
  • Can be used on both interior and exterior walls and all common substrates used in construction.
  • For up to 3 junction boxes.
  • Pre-punched exit points for cables.
  • For cables up to 20mm in diameter.


Airtightness best practice dictates that surface penetrations of the external envelope should be minimised.

Downlights present particular challenges for airtight design and continuity of the insulation layer. However, if downlights are present there is a robust solution in the OPTIME Downlight Protector housing units.optime

Designed as an innovative one stop solution for achieving a safe, easy to install sealing system for downlights.

Optime Downlight Protector housing boxes are offered in either Maxi or Mini housing units.

The Optime Maxi will accommodate a transformer, the Mini is suitable only to house the downlight.

Downlight Protector Mini is designed to suit all types of roofs and ceilings as it is very suitable in narrow places.

Optime Downlight Protector boxes significantly reduce the carbon footprint of buildings which incorporate downlights as well as improving comfort and minimising problems associated with condensation in cold attics.

While the Optime Downlight housing is made from a non-flammable materials Optime Downlight is not to be relied upon as a fire barrier.


  • The Mini is especially made for narrow spacings – 200 x 200 x 140 mm.
  • Simple to install.
  • Can be used for most conventional timber ceilings.
  • Ensures an effective moisture barrier is maintained.
  • Optime Downlight Protector Mini/Maxi should only be used with low wattage downlights.
  • Made from inflammable material.
  • Optime Downlighters are NOT fire rated.
  • Recognised by Nemko.
  • Made from recyclable material.
  • It is important that the downlight is positioned at the centre of the box.
  • Optime Downlighter Protector Mini/Maxi should not be used in wet rooms.

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