Intelligent Membranes for External & Internal Applications

INTELLO PLUSpro clima INTELLO®PLUS Intelligent vapour check features humidity variable diffusion resistance. Intello plus

It gives maximum protection to thermal insulation where moisture entry may have occurred. This may be through leaks, damp building materials or diffusion through adjoining structural surfaces.

INTELLO PLUS possesses the world’s best and most effective variable diffusion resistance. This ensures optimum protection for all fibrous insulating materials in all constructions, whether they are vapour diffusion permeable or vapour diffusion resistant externally such as pitched roofs with bitumen sheeting or metal sheet roofing, flat roofs and walls with a diffusion resistant exterior cladding.


  • Offers high diffusion tightness in winter and maximum diffusion openness in summer.
  • In winter, its high diffusion resistance provides ideal protection for the building’s structure against condensation.
  • In summer, its low diffusion resistance facilitates rapid drying.
  • It is translucent, easy to install, fully recyclable.
  • It offers the ideal solution to structures that are difficult to protect against condensation e.g. flat roofs, flexible metal sheeting, etc.
  • INTELLO PLUS provides lasting protection from mould growth, which protects the health of the occupants and structural durability.
  • Meets with the durability requirements of EN 13984.
  • Has a very high nail tear resistance due to reinforcing layer.
  • Provides optimum protection for all thermal insulation systems in roofs, walls and floors.


pro clima  DB+

Intelligent vapour check and airtight membrane

The principal raw material used to produce pro clima DB+ is recycled paper which is DB+strengthened with a reinforcement layer.

DB+ is an environmentally friendly option for the sustainable house builder.


  •  pro clima DB+ is an internal paper based humidity variable INTELLIGENT airtight vapour check which possesses effective variable diffusion resistance properties.
  • It is manufactured from cellulose fibre, reinforced for additional strength and treated with natural salts against fire.
  • pro clima DB+ cellulose humidity variable vapour check provides a consistent internal airtight seal for the construction, while reducing the risk of interstitial condensation in both summer and winter conditions.
  • In summer conditions pro clima DB+ allows more vapour diffusion, therefore structural components can rapidly dry out. In winter conditions it permits less vapour diffusion, ensuring the building remains protected against vapour penetration, hence protecting the building fabric from harmful moisture.
  • In non-breathing structures (i.e. those with vapour impermeable materials installed externally), any moisture that penetrates the insulation may become trapped and immediately begin to degrade its performance. DB+ eliminates this risk by allowing any trapped moisture to evaporate on a seasonal basis, due to its humidity variable vapour resistance.
  • pro clima DB+ Meets with the durability requirements of EN 13984.


pro clima DA Airtight Vapour Check

pro clima DA is an airtight vapour check. It can be used as a cost effective solution DAindependently or in conjunction with OSB internally to ensure a continuous airtight and vapour control layer in attained.

DA can be used as an external airtightness and vapour control layer on roofs and walls. The membrane protects the construction from moisture during the building phase and then acts as your vapour control and airtightness layer.

It is suitable for all constructions which are externally diffusion open.


  • Acts as a vapour check and airtightness layer simultaneously.
  • Provides protection against the elements during the construction phase on roof retrofits.
  • Water-resistant and waterproof.


Windtight Exterior Products

pro clima SOLITEX PLUS

SOLITEX PLUS is the Next Generation of High Performance vapour permeable Underlay. SolitexWith an impressive range of characteristics such as high Vapour Permeability, Extreme Watertightness, High Nail Tear Resistance and Thermostability, SOLITEX PLUS offers superior protection against condensation risk and extreme resistance against pelting rain.

SOLITEX PLUS, from pro clima is a Diffusion-Open vapour permeable membrane.

SOLITEX PLUS contains a monolithic membrane which employs Closed Cell Technology compared to conventional microporous membranes. Closed cell membranes offer superior weather tightness, and at the same time ensure that a significant amount of water vapour is actively removed from the inside of the building structure and diffused to the exterior. The combination of these two properties is the determining factor when it comes to quality and the safety of the roof construction.

SOLITEX PLUS CONNECT is available with a pre-applied tape for ease of installation.

Detailed installation instructions are available on clima SOLITEX PLUS CONNECT


  • Totally resistant to all wood preservatives, wood treatments or natural wood resins.
  • Extreme resistance to wind driven pelting rain.
  • Totally resistant to contamination due to on site chemicals.
  • Extremely Nail-Tear resistant >350N.
  • Extremely Water-Tight WI (BS EN 1928).
  • High physical strength.
  • High vapour permeability.
  • Four ply layer.
  • Resistant to ageing.
  • Lightweight for ease of handling.

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