JUWO / Evolved SmartWall

The JUWÖ Evolved SmartWall™ System

Why should I build a JUWÖ Evolved SmartWallTM Block house?

Indoor comfort in summer and winter

A comfortable indoor climate is characterised by:

  • A pleasant room temperature throughout the year
  • A pleasant room temperature throughout the year
  • Ideal relative humidity
  • Dry walls
  • Healthy room air

The outstanding thermal insulation properties and high heat retention of SmartWall Blocks provide a pleasant room climate. In a SmartWall Block house, it’s always warm and cosy. The interplay between insulation and heat retention in monolithic masonry walls is unique.

Cool in the summer: SmartWall Blocks have the unique combination of a high thermal insulation and a high thermal mass. This natural air conditioning keeps the temperature in the house relatively constant and makes sure it isn’t too hot inside in the summer. No other building material can do this.

Compared with light wood structures, the advantage is real. The fact is that given the same thermal insulation, a SmartWall Block has much more mass and can hence store more heat or chill.

Lowest moisture content of all comparable building materials

The more moisture the poorer the thermal insulation. Rule of thumb: For every 1% increase in moisture the thermal insulation decreases by about 10%. SmartWall Blocks are dried and then fired. They have the fastest drying time and the lowest residual moisture content of all comparable building materials, which have drying times of up to three years and longer. This means that SmartWall provide thermal insulation right from the start.

Saves money from the first day on

Highly insulating SmartWall Blocks really save money. Don’t be fooled by apparently cheaper building materials.

Ecological leader

  • Ecological and sustainable building – ideally monolithic (plaster inside, SmartWall Block, render outside – done).
  • Ecological and sustainable building – ideally monolithic (plaster inside, SmartWall Block, render outside – done).
  • Monolithic masonry façades without artificial insulation systems are free from harmful biocides (treatment with biocides to inhibit fungal and algal growth is problematic in ETICS systems).
  • The rubble from a JUWÖ Evolved SmartWall Block house can be reused as recycled building materials.
  • Production in the most modern facilities in Germany
  • All SmartWall blocks are certified with the newest Environmental Product Declaration JUWÖ – EPD under Norm ISO 14025 und EN 15804.


Excellent thermal insulation – constant indoor climate

The outstanding thermal protection of your house (right from the start) is guaranteed by:

  • Solid and dry SmartWall Block construction
  • Solid and dry SmartWall Block construction
  • Continuous innovations in highly insulating SmartWall Blocks

JUWÖ Evolved SmartWall Blocks meet current and future requirements for maximum thermal insulation.

Extremely high compressive strengths

Through the special clay and a special production method, even the most highly insulating SmartWall Blocks have extremely high compressive strengths.

SmartWall T and S series highly insulating SmartWall Blocks: more than 10 N/mm². 10 N/mm² corresponds to a load of more than 100 tonnes; i.e 10N/mm² is, for a typical 365mm thick x 250mm long block, equivalent to nearly 100 tonnes. Of course, most buildings do not need this kind of compressive strength. However, it is helpful for numerous structural details and provides a sense of security.

Minimum upkeep costs and maximum value retention

Lifespan of 100 years – A house built of SmartWall Blocks requires hardly any maintenance for decades, making the cost of upkeep very low.

A SmartWall Block house is also a safe investment you can actually use and enjoy right now.

Effective acoustic insulation

The SmartWall Blocks have a good acoustic performance in all applications.

Universal applicability

SmartWall Blocks can be used universally and flexibly for building everything from detached houses to multi-storey buildings.

Structural Engineering

Evolved Supplies engineering team are able to offer design and specification services for the JUWÖ Evolved SmartWall system. These can also include the design of the foundations as well as design and calculations for the superstructure.

Maximum fire protection

A SmartWall Block house provides maximum fire protection and safety through:

  • Non combustible
  • Non combustible
  • Thin Joint Masonry System
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • No toxic fumes

JUWO / Evolved SmartWall

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