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JUWÖ Evolved Smartwall™ Systems

External Wall Insulation

Evolved Supplies Ltd offer as part of their External Wall Insulation Systems a range of EWI products designed to provide significant improvements in the thermal performance to all new residential and commercial properties.

Evolved SmartWall EWI) systems are designed to enable various types of insulation to be adhesively and mechanically fixed to the blocks.

Insulation Systems include:

  • Breathable Expanded Graphite Polystyrene – excellent thermal performance and vapour open.
  • Rockfibre – maintains excellent fire and acoustic performance of the blocks
  • Woodfibre – natural insulant providing an environmentally friendly option.
  • Standard Expanded Polystyrene – for thermal improvement only.

Evolved Supplies SmartWall External Wall Insulation Systems are complimented by an extensive range of decorative options using silicone textured render coatings to provide decorative as well as waterproof coatings. Brick slips can also be applied directly to the insulation.

The Evolved SmartWall Breathable systems are designed to enable vapour movement to pass through the insulation materials as quickly as possible offering greater vapour movement, working in conjunction with the SmartWall blocks to provide a healthy living environment.

  • Excellent water repellent and self-cleansing characteristics in the case of Nano Silicon Topcoat
  • Large range of colours including light pastel shades
  • Brick effect render also available
  • The appearance of a delicately smoothed facade surface of different grain sizes
  • Vapour open technology with the Graphite E.P.S, Rockfibre & Woodfibre options.

The Evolved External Wall systems are applied by approved contractors only.

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