SmartWall for Renovation & Extensions

The Evolved Supplies Smartwall System is fast, virtually dry, safe and simple to use, immensely strong, and environmentally friendly method of building.

Used, in collaboration with the Smartwall Foundation System & External wall insulation, it provides the complete thermal envelope to achieve thermal bridge free construction.

The precision-engineered monolithic clay block using an interlocking design eliminates the need for mortar in the vertical joints and consistent manufacturing quality allows offers a 1mm bed joint. Used successfully for decades across Europe, and now well established as a building solution for UK working conditions, monolithic clay blocks can be used in load-bearing and non-load-bearing applications and is ideal for:

  • Single leaf of externally insulated wall system
  • Inner and outer leaves of rendered cavity walls
  • Infill panels within framed structures
  • Partition walls and separating walls
  • Single leaf (monolithic) internal & external walls

With its fast laying process and rapid daily output, monolithic clay blocks bring cost and time-saving.

  • With no mortar needed in vertical joints and a minimal 1mm bed joint, the Smart Wall System is built rapidly. An average of 30-40m2 per man per day is easily achievable, much faster than traditional masonry
  • The Smart Wall System is capable of being built to storey height in a day
  • Floors can be placed without the need for normal backing up so the external envelope can be completed more quickly
  • While matching masonry structures for fire-resistance, longevity and sustainability, Smart Wall System can even be faster than timber frame in construction – with the added benefit of allowing parallel working for internal and external trades earlier in the programme
  • Smart Wall System specialist mortar can be used from 0° C and above, meaning that the projects can gain days/ weeks extra in working time during winter
  • In comparison to traditional block- work, Smart Wall System uses around 95% less water. In a typical 212m2 building, concrete blocks will consume 1060 litres of water compared to just 72 litres for Smart Wall System
  • The system takes less time to achieve a watertight shell
  • The external skin can be removed from the critical path to allow parallel working

The Smart Wall System is them finished externally with an approved external wall insulation system to provide a decorative, weathertight finish that is available in a choice of colours and textures. Alternately a brick effect or timber clad finish can be used.

For more information, please call

01691 707 100
Download the Smartwall Brochure here

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