Airtightness Systems

Insulation levels have increased substantially over the last few decades, but heated air is still escaping and can be pinpointed as a major source of energy loss.

We need to act now to reduce our energy consumption; around 50% of carbon emissions are from the built environment with approximately 50% of this energy used for space heating and cooling. The climates of Ireland and the UK do not suffer from extremes in low temperatures, but are exposed to extremes in wind pressure. While insulation is central to low energy construction, air and wind tightness must also be central to an energy efficient design strategy to reduce unnecessary heat loss. The key is to ‘Build
Tight and Ventilate Right’.

More central to all this is living healthily and comfortably. Heat that escapes from buildings carries a significant amount of moisture. This can lead to damage to buildings and building materials, and may have a severe effect on the air quality of the living space. This is why we offer a range of Intelligent diffusion open airtightness solutions to reduce the risk of condensation within structural elements and encourage vapour diffusion.

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