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Buildings account for 40% of our energy consumption and in houses the majority of this energy is lost through the walls, therefore insulation is one of the most cost-effective improvements that can be made, for which there are various insulation options available depending on how the home is constructed, and how you use your building.

Insulating solid walls can be more expensive than cavity wall insulation, however, higher savings can be achieved through internal or external insulation for solid walls saving the occupant hundreds of pounds per year.

Internal wall insulation can offer a quicker payback than external wall insulation, as well as Insulation applied External may not be practical or cannot be considered due to being in a conservation area or having a listed building.

Consideration to the type of Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) needs to be considered very carefully as by applying an insulation to the inside of an external wall, you will make the existing external wall much colder than it was, which can, if you choose the wrong type of insulation product, create what is called “Interstitial Condensation”  or sometimes called “The Dewpoint” which is where the vapour moisture in the air, which is present in all buildings, turns from vapour to water, which will cause mould growth if not controlled.

Systems that are available in the market are based on currently four methods, these being:

  • Insulation Backed Vapour Check Plasterboards
  • Vapour Control Insulation systems – Insulated Batten System
  • Capillary Active Insulation systems – iQ Therm
  • Insulated Internal Render system – FixIt 222

Evolved Supplies do not support the use of Insulation Backed Vapour Check Plasterboard systems due to the inherent issue with the potential risk of mould growth behind the insulation, formed where a void is normally found, due to being applied by plaster dabs to the back of the insulation onto the wall, resulting in a microclimate being formed behind the insulation where mould can grow unseen by the occupant, especially if a good ventilation policy is not in place to remove the vapour moisture in the building.

Evolved Supplies work with the three other IWI system which ensure that the insulation in whatever form is in contact with the inside of the existing outer wall, not leaving any gaps for mould to grow, and to either allow the transportation of the vapour through the structure to the outside or to be able to back defuse into the building when the circumstances allow this to happen.

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