Ventilation Systems

Homes are now made more airtight than ever before in order to save energy, but this results in lower ventilation. Installing a Mechanical Ventilation system provides a controlled method of ventilation and a healthy living environment.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System employs a cross flow or counter-flow heat exchanger between the inbound and outbound air flow providing fresh air and improved climate control.

The (warm) stale air from the wet rooms and the (cold) fresh air from the exterior both pass through a heat exchanger, in opposite directions and without mixing.

The heat contained within the extract air is transferred to the incoming fresh air, which is then introduced back into the living areas of the building.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems do not produce heat, but minimise the amount of heat which would otherwise be lost through ventilation, with degrees of efficiency varying between 90 – 95%.

In doing so, it reduces the amount of heat that needs to be produced to keep a house warm.

When at the early stages of designing your new build or property refurbishment, we can design a system which is unique to your project. We can offer whole house or room by room systems.

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